Friday, April 28, 2006

Junk Funk

One project that urgently needs help around our house is getting rid of JUNK and general clutter. I really need to find more energy to do this. I get going sometimes, then get stymied by things like THIS:

Possibly the very worst, non-recyclable junk mail I've ever received. Carboard tube, plastic caps, metal key (you may have already won this truck!). In this age of dangerous packages, looking a bit like something explosive. I got TWO a while back, and haven't quite been able to throw them out yet. Darn marketing people... I'm a bit of a packrat/waste reduction nut, so have a hard time throwing things out until I've thought hard about possible other uses. Anyone?


Sue said...

Well, depending on how tall the tube is, it could make a nice needle storage unit. Double-points or crochet hooks if it's tall enough, or large yarn needles if not. Or use it to store recycled wooden ice-pop sticks until they're needed by a kid for a crafty endeavor. Or you could glue both of them into a box and you have a pen, pencil, and paperclip organizer for your desk. Containers, especially containers that close, are always useful for sewing supplies (sewing machine bobbins, thimbles, safety pins, etc.), or how about a travel sewing kit?
Don't throw them out!

elise said...

Cutworm collars for tomatos - I've heard they really like the color red (grow better with red paper underneath them?