Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Kid

We're getting ready for our first airplane trip in over a year, and we were testing out some new shoes and a backpack for Bean (all purchased from Savers, so just new to us). I had a flash of the "going to Kindergarten" picture... eeeep! But doesn't he look SO BIG? He's not even 2 yet. We're going to bring his birth certificate on the plane so we don't get questioned about our "free infant-in-lap". A bit nervous about all the flying, but we're packing lots of good stuff for eating and entertainment.

This picture also shows the current Bean-Schroeder relationship: He loves her, she doesn't let him near her unless she's safe behind a gate. (Can you see her by his head?)

Also, one belated picture of Bean's first snowman! We have been watching the snowman change shape and melt, with just a bit of concern. "Fix 'no-man? 'No-man uh-oh! 'No-man in window..."

Wish us luck... more soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You Card

This may be a little belated, but we received so many great gifts this holiday season from family and friends. Bean's been enjoying them very much! Here's a little glimpse of some of that fun...

A homemade doll bed by Grandpa T and quilt by Grandma T. Bean puts babies to bed frequently!

A special mop and broom just Bean's size from the R Grandparents; Bean LOVES them... Grandma R was initially skeptical when we put it on the list, and was pleasantly surprised what a hit they were...

Lincoln Log type things from friends Noel and Lindy (who are currently overseas)... Bean asks often to "make-a-yogs"... they are a little above his age range, but we help him make garages for his trucks, etc...

A lovely little play kitchen from craig's list and Grandparents T... Bean loves it, but Bean's first concern was that real water doesn't come out of the sink. Water come? he says...

And a little splurge from Mama... wooden "cutting" fruit, which Bean also enjoys working with in his kitchen.

We are blessed! But right now, he's happily playing with a baby blanket "Kehton make tent"... he's a talker these days!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flying Catch-Up

Flying in just before it’s been a WHOLE MONTH since we’ve posted… oops! We are still here, still thinking about posts, but they haven’t happened for a few big reasons. All is well; just many, many changes on the horizon. Some news and new things first, and then I’ll throw pictures at you, maybe, to catch up.

1. I am FINISHED with my former “real” job! My last day was Thursday; 5 months after giving notice, it was a sprint to the finish. I wrapped up as much as I could, copied some files, cleaned out my cubicle, turned in my keys and drove away for the last time. After 6 years of pack-rat tendencies and rather varied projects, even just the sorting and cleaning and deleting and recycling was a big deal. But now I’m FREE…to develop new things, to figure out how to finance our lives, to be home more with Bean. It feels good, it will be a new adventure.

2. I started my own business; I’m filed with the state, have a website and business cards, even have a new business credit card for keeping expenses separate. I don’t actually have CLIENTS yet, ahem, but that will come. I have a few things in mind that I’ll hear about soon. It’s a writing/editing/Personal Historian/oral history type service. If you want more details, email me or leave a comment.

3.Last but definitely not least... I’m pregnant! Yep, just over 12 weeks right now. I’ve been queasy a lot, which never happened with Bean, and its felt a bit more uncertain this time. But I think that’s part of a second pregnancy with a toddler to chase… there’s not time to sit and write in a pregnancy journal, etc. Due late July or early August… a summer baby!

So, yeah. That’s where we’ve been. I’m finally feeling a bit better, after recovering from the month-long cold/sinus/early pregnancy exhaustion. I made it through my last work days, and Bean is doing really well; talking up a storm and correctly identifying most colors without prompting (!). He’ll continue to go to his daycare 2 days a week so I can catch up on house projects, rest, and get this business going. Just a few things on the list...We’re busy and grateful. New lands ahead!

Bean is excited about my new "mobile office" briefcase!