Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Here

We are indeed still here! Busy busy. Family visit prep and whirlwind. Big work decisions. And now germs. But I hope we're turning a corner!

Some highlights:
Bean helped get laundry, etc done in preparation for the big family visit. Very good at emptying basket and removing items from racks; not so great at putting them ON racks, etc.

He got a great garage-sale push tractor from the T Grandparents... loves it!

He didn't want to leave it, and they helped oblige him on the walk back to the car.

Fun was had with the cousins on the too-quick trip, but unfortunately some germs were setting in with this picture. We had a rough few days after this... fever, sadness, sleeping.

But he's keeping up on the phone messages... gotta stay in touch, you know!

All is well. We venture back into the world tomorrow, I think.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom day

Happy Mother's Day to me and to all other moms out there! My mothering charge is a bit young to tell me much on this day, and I am STILL getting used to the idea that I'm a mom, myself. This year it feels a bit more normal than last year, though; last year was still a blur at this time.

Now our lives are getting to a different kind of blur, of ACTION! We had a brief sunny stop at the Lake on Friday, and Bean just wanted to head to the water. He even threw some rocks. It was hard to get any posed pictures, as you can see he was headed to the Lake! That's my boy...

It was a bit chilly, but he didn't care at all and would have crawled right in if we hadn't held him back. Someday soon, buddy. We'll all go swimming! I've been grateful lately that his birthday is in the spring; such a nice time of new beginnings and great days to be outside! His crawling has really improved in the last couple weeks and he wants to explore. So glad we can do it without snowsuits. Come on, summer!

Monday, May 04, 2009


We kept the birthday celebration quite small, just with my parents around to help us eat cake and open presents, but that was OK. Bean is really lucky to have...

A Grandma who reads with him...and plays ball!

And a Grandpa who can show him a few things in the woods, AND have a snuggle!

Maybe we're all lucky!

Big Birthday Boy

Despite their expressions, it does seem like it is "Fun to be One" for Bean...

Bean LOVES his new push/pull puppy toy, made by hand by Grandpa! It's right up Bean's alley with wheels and moving parts. Woof!

We also tried out a big-boy bike, which is still a bit big. But definitely adds to the overall effect of LOOKING LIKE A TEENAGER ALREADY! Mein Gott!

Already too cool to smile at Momma...sniff!