Thursday, September 24, 2009

Growing Up

We are here and growing every day. I'm still working in town, due to another temporary 3-day-a-week compromise that might run through the end of the year. Part time is ideal, so we'll ride it out. Just not as exciting as throwing myself into new pursuits more full-time just yet, but there are financial realities. Y'know.

But BEAN! The blog needs an update just to share pictures, as I've never gotten into a routine of sharing with relatives, etc. Just in the past week or so, I've been noticing the angles of Bean's face changing... the baby is departing and the little boy is emerging. It happens so fast; he's not even 18 months old, yet! Oh, my heart, he is going to be a flirt!

He can now crawl up on chairs and sit like a big person. He can really cruise on the driveway, almost running. He's doing puzzles somewhat accurately, and those words are coming! We see buses, ask for crackers (ca-cahs) and even point out chicken, ahh, droppings. "Poop!" What can I say? They are around, they get attention.

But he's not too big to still ride on Daddy's back to enjoy a woodsy walk. We are truly blessed!

Monday, September 07, 2009


Can a toddler subsist on sauerkraut alone? Sometimes it seems that Bean would like to try. He loves it!

But wait, he DOES eat some other good, summer foods....

It was a good summer last hurrah, and now we are starting on on the fall foods, some gathered right here at home...


Well, hello! I just wanted to check in a give a few updates, for those of you who are playing along at home.

My job, (or what the heck?): Yes, indeed, I finally made the leap last week. I sent a big serious letter to family members back in May giving my reasons for wanting to move on from my "good job" in town, but then was offered a temporary part-time situation, so I stayed. And tried to be happy. And tried to appreciate all the good things about that place. And so on and so on and BLAH! And now the part-time is ending, and I just am not ready or willing to do 5 days a week away from my home and son. Leaving feels good, even if scary from a financial standpoint. I've been agonizing over this decision for a very long time, and it feels SO good to finally have brain space again, not always thinking about what the right decision might be and what would this or that be like, or what. I realize I've made new challenges for myself, but I'm excited to face those new things.

Lyme Disease: I have just finished my antibiotics and feel much better. I'm slowly getting some energy back. Last week, I could hardly walk a mile without wanting to lay down for a quick nap. Today, I ran a ways and it felt really good. I've been motivated to get some exercise every day; trying to get back into it slowly. My rash is gone, but I still have a weird, peeling ring on my leg; ewww.

Our House: Yep, it is still tehnically "on the market", but we still have so much to do. We want to move to the Spiral Earth Land Cooperative, a group we are helping to form. They own land on the South Shore of Lake Superior, closer to the lake, near a wonderful sandy beach. We'd have to build our own home to live there permanently, so we'll have to sell this one first. And so, it may be a great, crazy adventure, but I'm feeling more energy these days (see job and lymes, above).

Bean: continues to be exceptionally cute, if I do say so myself, and into more things these days. He loves his grandparents and the great new (garage sale) toys they brought on their last visit. His words are increasing every day; Baby, Apple (with both syllables), No... it's a new world dawning, in more ways than one!