Saturday, July 08, 2006

They're out!

Okay, people. We really have to get a grip and realize that perhaps half of these adorable baby chicks might actually become dinner someday. We don't need more roosters, and we won't know what these are for a while.

But darn it, then they go and do something like this, and I'm helpless to resist the power of cute!

Both hens are taking them out for little jaunts lately, and those little legs get a workout scrambling over the grass and stubble. They even mimic mom's scratching: scratch, scratch (kicking their legs behind them), then back up to see what they've uncovered. The adult chickens were raised in the basement in a box, and didn't see grass until they were a few weeks old. They were scared of it and refused to exit their box for a while when we first put them outside.

Momma hen wisdom works again!


Prairie Chick said...

Love your hens and the babies! I also raise hens in Minnesota, no roosters though. Can you tell me what is on the hens back? A type of harness for breeding?

gtr said...

Yep, sort of has to do with breeding... it is a saddle to protect her back from too much rooster attention. We had a problem last winter with too many roosters and hens getting bare backs when it was -20F.

These seemed to help (at least they had some covering!) and the hens really don't seem to mind. So this one has become known as Blue Saddle Hen. Helps us tell her apart from the other momma hen- they do sometimes get mixed up or both end up in the same pen. Then we have sad chicks and need for human assistance!

Wildside Musing said...

Hi there again. Dropped by to see what was up over here...

On baby chicks, I was surprised to see the kicking and scratching up was something they just naturally do -- my wee birds have no adults to teach them.

I've also stuck a little bit of grass into the brooder coop and it's so fun to see how they love to run around with it in their beaks!