Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Car Curmudgeons

First, an update: Young Rooster (oops, there I go again with the naming thing) has been found and is OK. Apparently he and his sister headed for the weeds during the hawk incident and were too scared to show themselves for a while. WF left the chicken tractor door open and they found their way “home” sometime in the evening while we were gone. Smart chickens!

Second update: We are the proud owners of a “new” car! The ’91 Toyota is still running, but the rust issue is getting serious. A few, ah, structural problems have developed. But WF and I are both car curmudgeons, and didn’t to get anything too extravagant. I would have bought another small, efficient, sometimes-4WD wagon in a minute, but companies just don’t make them anymore. The car salesmen would just laugh at me; sales levels were too low on those models, apparently, so car companies stopped making them. Are they telling me I’m not a target demographic for the car companies? Harrumph.

So, after long discussions, dedicated online shopping by WF and a gas mileage compromise (WF still considers this as rather extravagant, but it apparently gets nearly 30 on the hwy), we have settled on this ’99 Subaru Forester. It has only 44K miles, and really was owned by a little old lady. The mechanic who inspected it kept telling me what a great car it is (I think he wanted it for himself). Ta da!

(Salty already; tsk!)

It possesses such extravagant features as:

*An overhead dome light that works
*One cup holder
*A back tailgate that locks and opens on request
*Intact wheelwells and still-attached mudflaps

Wow. We’ve been living without all that for years now; The Toyota is “pre-cupholder” and has crank windows. (It’s amazing what you just get used to. An overhead light that turns on when you open the door? Bah, that’s unnecessary!)

This car does have some crazy other luxuries like automatic windows and locks, keyless entry, and even an altimeter, thermometer and barometer (?!?!).

Our curmudgeon status is somewhat intact, however: it came with a lovely radio and tape deck (no CD player). And we’re not going to get it changed. Still stuck in the ‘90s, but I don’t care! (I’ll admit that it accepts Ipod broadcasts just as well as the ’91, our little nod to modernity.)

One more thing checked off the before-baby list, and I’m happy!


Sue said...

We have a Forester, too, and we love it. In nearly 5 years, we haven't had a single problem with it. (I shouldn't have said that...) We got ours in preparation for our baby as well!

Tina T-P said...

Hey, congrats on the "new to you" car! Wow, an overhead dome light that works? I've had to resort to one of those "tap-it" lights velcroed to the ceiling by the one that doesn't work. Not very satisfactory, but at least I can find my purse in the dark now... T.

gtr said...

Hey, Sue! Yes, we are enjoying the Forester. I've had Subarus before that were wondering, and then one that was possessed by evil demons. We're hoping this one is good; seems like it so far.

Tina! Yes, this dome light thing is really amazing. I had one of those tap-it lights in the old car, too, but we kept trying to stick it up there and it kept falling down. Never thought of velcro! I just kept it on the dash; probably not very safe.

We just got confirmation that the former owner really was a little old lady; she just turned 80!

Deb said...

Yay, a Subaru! I just love my Outback, and it has proven itself in this snowstorm. My guilty pleasure though: I really, really like the seat warmers. What luxury!