Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Boy

So I was noticing that some clothes were getting rather tight on this not-so-little bean of ours... Confirmation came during the 2 month checkup last week.

15 lbs, in the 95th percentile for all measurements! I have been called the Diary Queen... sole source of nourishment. So, why haven't I lost those pounds myself? Ha.

The camera always adds 10lbs, right?


Erica said...

Well, ain't he adorable! Sounds like he's growing great! How big was he when he was born?

carrster said...

Wowsa! What a cutie! He's passed Dahlia on the weight charts (14lbs) born in December!! But She's rocking the 6th percentile. :) Must be all that good fresh air up the shore (And Dairy Queen 'treats' of course)