Sunday, April 05, 2009

11 months

The month of Bean's birth is here! He's still my little baby for a just tiny bit longer, soon to be an official toddler! Hard to believe...I really didn't expect this time to go quite THIS fast. I'm not ready for a birthday party quite yet!

11 months has brought some fun milestones: Real clapping. Pushing up into "yoga moves". Actually eating and enjoying some avocado, not just puffed rice and corn (current favorites). Figuring out how to get from his belly to sitting upright (involves the yoga moves). Growing into a whole 'nother square on the "Grandma quilt"!

He's also really starting to show a preference for some toys; anything stackable and sort of "structural"... blocks, bowls, big wooden beads, cars. I try to give him dolls or other stuffed animals, and they get mostly tossed aside. I want to think toy preferences are gender neutral, but he already seems be gravitating toward some typical boy toys. He'll push around wheeled things for a good half-hour on his own, intent on moving them in a big circle, etc. No motor sounds yet, though!

Crawling is still "elbows and toes" but those knees are getting some practice, and he just started pulling himself up on the couch on his own.

Definitely getting SO BIG!

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