Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach 'n Chicks

Oh, no time to be clever right now. Just some quick pics to show you what we've been up to. I'm afraid my posting has been dwindling as I turn more toward Facebook for snippets and Shutterfly for our pictures. Email me if you want to see those.

But some updates here: Bean's been to his first Island, Madeline (not even part of the National Lakeshore, a shame to my NPS days, but much more doable right now). He LOVES the beach! Cold water and all. He can definitely say "Hat!" now, based on all our discussions about the need to wear sun hats. And he probably said "Cold!" when we got into the water.

He also loves strawberries... we had a bit of trouble getting him back into the carseat after visiting the Northwind Organic Farm. He didn't want to leave the "coos" (chickens) or the lovely dirt fields. Much like a beach, I guess!

When we got home, there were new "coos" to look at: chicks! We had broody hens again this year, so with a minimum of fanfare, we have more chicks around the place. Poor chickens don't get nearly as much attention here (or in real life) as they used to, but maybe that's OK with them. They know what they are doing.

So far, we have 9 new babies on the place, and the young hens (who were babies here last year) are doing a good job. The cycle continues, even if it's not posted on Youtube anymore!

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Anonymous said...

We're missing your neat updates: photos and clever writings! Please continue to keep your blog showing the growing up of Bean and the rest of your activities!