Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Train of Thought

Time for some new content. We have finally entered the world of Thomas the Tank Engine trains at our house. Bean has been playing with them at daycare, the library and even with some magnetic trucks at ECFE. He's been lining up cars at home and getting frustrated that they didn't follow each other. So, I finally broke down and opened the 3 trains we got from his cousins this summer (I was saving them till he was older). He immediately knew what to do!

A new train-lover is confirmed. We have a pillowcase from Savers with Thomas on it, and it was distracting last night when we were trying to go to sleep. "Choo-choos!" I didn't teach him that, just repeating him on the video. Soon after I took this, we were gifted with some outgrown trains from a friend; so we are well stocked. But I do forsee some train-heavy gift lists in future years, possibly!


Deb said...

This brings back memories. My oldest son Vincent, now 12, was fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine trains from an early age. He had a collection of who knows how many die cast engines, knew the details on each one, and carried a set of tracks and engines wherever he went. My how times have changed; now he's into memorizing baseball statistics and mouthing off to me as a pre teenager :). Enjoy the train phase, it's precious!

Pablo said...

My youngest, the twins, turned 25 last summer, but I can still remember them at the age your Bean in. Gosh, he's growing up so fast!