Sunday, March 29, 2009

Road Trip

I'm a bit behind on posting. But here's some catch up:

So, the weather's been pretty gray and icky lately. It makes one yearn for a place that serves something warm and spicy, like maybe "Rasta Pasta"... so we joined a couple of friends and hit the road! Nope, not a tropical island, but tiny Gilbert, MN, the home of the Whistling Bird Jamaican restaurant.

Susan and Alexis enjoying the Rasta Pasta.

My "date" kept throwing his spoon on the floor, but overall was a great dinner guest.

He got to come along on the "girl's day out" and did seem to have a good time. It was nice to explore a few places on the Iron Range that I had never visited before. Just a tiny bit of traveling, but still good for the soul.

We made it back before any bad weather. The ice storm hit Monday, but amazingly, we didn't lose and trees and the timing was nearly perfect: the roads thawed enough for safe driving, and the "enchanted tunnel" that was our driveway only kept the car at the end of the driveway overnight. It was impressive! We didn't get many pictures because the camera cards were full and night was coming, and by morning it was all gone, melted by warmer rain.

More blessings! And more posts soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Camera's Back!

I finally found the camera battery charger! Whew. We missed a whole couple of weeks, including cousin A's baptism and gathering. But we've been havin' a good time...

Testing out the new teeth...

Chasing things with the ever-speedier army crawl...

Smiling (with vintage Apple from my childhood; Thanks Grandma!)

Standing up a lot...

And even welcoming the Almost-Spring. It will be here soon!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Good 'ol Toyota

My old trusty Toyota is dying a slow, rusty death, but it's not dead yet. Anyone want a good old 4WD car? It's smelly, rusty, drippy and probably not real safe, but it was a good old car and it RUNS! Gets the best mileage of any of our vehicles, ironically. Never left me stranded on the side of the road like some other vehicles I've had, but it's time to move on... I wish I could buy a new one of these, but they stopped making them years ago.

Craig's list here...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Germ Missive

Dear Rhin O. Virus (aka cold germs):

It’s been nice getting to know you in the communal way; so thoughtful of you to visit the entire family via Bean’s daycare. However, I have too much to do right now to spend much time entertaining you. I am asking that you kindly pack up and depart ASAP.

Yes, I know that sugar suppresses immunity and makes this seems like an even cushier place to hang out and multiply. However, I HAD to eat those cookies. I’d been thinking about them for days. I worked my backside off last week and I’m still tired. I think I deserve a cookie or two, no?

Please be advised that I will be employing less-tasty methods to encourage your eviction soon; zinc, echinaechae, goldenseal, garlic, onions. Do note that the lack of dairy products around here; not so homey for the snot anymore, is it?

Your prompt departure is appreciated.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

10 months

10 months old. Already quite proficient with a sippy cup. Check out those pinkies! Very elegant.


Big eyes, pink cheeks. The cheeks are a bit less pink now that we are both avoiding dairy on the recommendation of the allergist. I miss it, but I think we're doing better. Less snot, better skin, less thrush.

Still working on crawling, but walking (with lots of help) is quite intriguing....