Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sitting and Running

Ah, the blog. It's still here, isn't it? Just barely. I don't intend to abandon it completely, it just slips away. Darn Facebook!

We are well. My belly is growing "bigger bigger" as Bean would say, and I'm finding it pretty hard to get up from sitting on the floor. I don't remember that from being pregnant with Bean, but I guess I wasn't sitting on the floor (to tie shoes, to play legos, etc) as much during that pregnancy! I AM really big, though; I just carry babies right out front, I guess. I feel like I'm as big as some other people in my prenatal yoga class who are ready to give birth next week. Ah, well.

I am really enjoying my new business venture. I have a good contract right now with my former employer, so I'm sort of the "super contractor" who can come in and set myself up in the conference room and do my oral history interview thing; it's a bit of a honeymoon. It won't last much longer, and then we'll see how I can pursue other similar jobs. I NEVER pictured myself as a "business person", and I'm still not really, but I get a little kick out of telling the bank, etc that I'm a sole proprietor. Right now it's very freeing and inspiring to be my own boss and enjoy what I do! I feel really lucky. I suppose someday I may miss the structure and security (and income?) of a steady regular job, but I'm enjoying the ride right now.

Bean is doing well, growing, talking, running, telling Mama to "put the camera away!" He's just not a fan of the camera, so fewer pictures lately. But we snuck in a few! WF and he really have a great time together outside for long stretches at a time. I went to a presentation by a brain researcher/expert the other day who emphasized that toddlers need lots of outdoor time and little "screen time"... I feel good that we've been able to give that to Bean. He's almost 2, and we're still resisting TV/videos completely at home. Not sure how much longer we can sustain that, but it's definitely easier if we just don't have at TV around, so it's not a part of his world, etc.

Put it away, Mama! Mama, run!

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