Thursday, August 19, 2010

She's here!

Baby (Apple? Peach? Not sure of blog name yet) is here, safe and sound and solid! We're not that late with the update, SHE was late! 18 days, to be exact.

Whew. We were reaching the absolute limit on what care providers were comfortable with (ie days overdue; the midwife and family practice docs had passed us off to an OB) and probably would have had a scheduled c-section on the 17th (couldn't induce since Bean was born via c-section), but I handily went into natural labor on the very last possible morning! I was very happy about that. Things went really well, but in the end (after 14 hours of active labor and 3 of good pushing) we decided that perhaps she was just too big and had a c-section. Not my favorite experience, that surgery, but things are going well so far.

Baby is a good nurser, and a spitting image of Bean at that age. Facebook has been abuzz, but here's a pic or two to get started. Bean met her briefly yesterday, and was very gentle, if perplexed. More pictures later?

Blessed Be, baby is here!

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