Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Up

Wow, has it been a whole month since I updated this? Crazy. Sorry, you few and hearty blog loyalists! I may actually start updating this more frequently; I've recently remembered how much I used this as Bean's online "baby book" and it's nice to have that record. I have more traditional baby books, too, but since I now spend so much time online, it might be nice to have something more permanent and coherent than Facebook. That site does take alot of my online energy/writing, but it's just not a place to practice writing or keep a more complete record, I don't think.

Anyway. It's very late and I really should be in bed, so here's a quick look at Baby Peach, who has been SMILING for a while now. I finally captured it on camera! She loves her changing table as it's a perfect spot to be closer to faces, which she loves to look at and cooo.... Bean loved the changing table, too, but he seemed to be more into the view out the window; not as much eye contact from him at this age.

Ok, cut to the chase, the pictures, eh? Enjoy!


willow said...

Very cute baby pictures and a handsome big brother too, such blonde hair.
I'm pleased you are posting, hope all is going well for you.

melissa said...

thanks for remembering us blog fans! love the pics....