Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 months! (and 400 posts!)

Oh! We are still here, but didn't realize it had quite been since OCTOBER that I last posted. Hmmm. Blogger tells me that this is my 400th post, as well... in about 5years. I used to keep this fairly current back in the day!

We have a milestone right about now, with Miss Peach turning 6 months old! In keeping with her brother's schedule, she popped her first tooth this week, right at 6 months. She does NOT approve of how teething feels, and lets us know quite forcefully. She slept so well for months, and now wakes up crying. We even resorted to tylenol for a night, so we could all sleep. Ahhh....

She's a grabby, lively, active little one... she's wearing sometimes still 3 month size clothes, which blows me away; Bean was wearing 18 month clothes by this age. She can sit, grab, reach, pivot... I won't be surprised if she's crawling in a couple months. WF calls it an olympic sport to try to eat dinner with her in his lap; she reaches for EVERYTHING lightning fast. We need a little distance, and the high chair seems to be working OK for a bit. She tasted her first food the other day, avacado, but is still rather perplexed by the idea.

The rest of us are doing fine, sleeping sometimes, fighting cold and sinus germs, workin', neglecting the housekeeping, learning to use the potty (Bean is, anyway). He's doing well with that milestone, finally... such a big boy! Learning to count, recognizing letters (he shouted out to me today in the library "That's a K, mama!" when he saw one scrolling across a computer screen).

He's also so sweetly innocent of some things. He got a sucker at ECFE, and said thanks to the girl who brought treats. Then he turned to me and said, "What is this?" The conversation about this odd item continued later, to the amusement of the teachers. I later told him that people lick suckers, so that's what he did; never put it in his mouth because he'd never seen it done. And then gave it to me to save for later. Not sure if we've sheltered him too much? Ah, well, he'll learn soon enough about sugar, eh? We have been really careful, and I'm hoping I've saved him the fate of "bad family teeth", which I suspect is really "bad family sugar traditions."

Ok, a few pictures are in order...

My beans are so lovely, and I am so blessed. Much Gratitude!

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