Friday, November 18, 2005

Add Excitement...

...To your morning commute! Bring along a small, 4-footed passenger.... One with whiskers, small beady eyes and a long tail- eeek!

My theory about fewer mice actually IN the car proved to be untrue this morning. One of our little, ah, trespassers got a free ride to work this morning. It is currently lounging in my car, exploring the parking lot, or being snapped in the trap we set on the floor. #3 is my personal, although somewhat evil-feeling choice. W made me feel guilty yesterday by saying he saw mouse #2 running around in circles after mouse #1 got squashed in the trap, wondering what happened to his buddy. We're softhearted, remember?

This morning, we saw the stowaway running around the back seat, but then couldn't find it after it ran underneath the front seats and refused to come out (does it cling to the bottom of the seats?). I did find some interestings under there when W was moving the seats around to try to scare it out, but that didn't make up for the experience. We were late and grumpy and in no mood to excavate a different vehicle from the snow to drive instead of the infested one. So. Not sure if it's a sign of laziness or remarkably un-queasy stoicism, but we threw a trap in the back, tucked our pant legs into our socks and headed into town, 3 of us in the car. Adventure for everyone!!

After I dropped off W, I heard a big SNAP and was hopeful, yet horrified. I finally looked when I got to work, but alas, no mouse. Never did see any sign of the critter while driving. I know it was still in there when I went to work, so now I get to go check my trapline before I leave. Yep, no queasiness here. But what if it ISN'T trapped? Now I have to drive during the dark with a small, crawly car-mate. ...Shudder....

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