Sunday, November 13, 2005

And So It Begins!

Testing of the new blog happens late Sunday night. This is a vow to use this for good, not evil. Community, not time suck. How's this for pompous intent? Teaching a history lesson to explain the blog title:

Frolic. (n). 19th cent. A planned rural party for work or holidays. Strengthened community bonds through celebration and reciprocity. Neighbors were invited to tackle a task too large for one family. Yay! Thanks to for definition inspiration.

I have been smitten with the word for years, but remember now seeing the term "Spinning Frolic" (knitting, baking, etc) while in Novia Scotia (ie like a quilting bee). Love the multi-purpose possibilities of this blog name. Thought likely too long and hard, but it's a wordsmith curse. Will it roll off the tongue? Look good on other lists? Ah, me. Iambic Pentameter for blog names??

As far as introspective updates on life here, how's this: W is reading zoning documents behind me, Bill just announced the ringing of his accurate belly-clock, Schroeder is making random comments and Lutsen is currently in people-are-dumb mode, nowhere to be seen. All cats, those, except for W. He is honored blog sponsor and co-collaborator in all this raising, frolic or not. To peace and frolic!

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