Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Pictures

I've been struggling a bit lately to try to figure out exactly WHY I have this blog and what it all means. What should be written, what should be shown? I alternate between being embarrassed to have this potential time waster to already thinking "This would make a good blog story!" and being compelled to document, photograph or listen better so I can share it in this forum. Who's reading? What do they think? Does it matter?

I can also wax lyrical about the wonders of complete "self publish" freedom, connections with the larger "blogosphere," and then devolve into documenting our days or just wanting to share cute pictures of the cats.

Here is a brief entry to the latter before the next planned "perplexed poultry" post!

We did alot of Ikea-purchase assembly in the past week. Schroeder is never one to let a lap opportunity go by, even if it means "helping" with furniture assembly.

Some more "messages" in the snow. Are the mice trying to send us secret messages, ala crop circles? Pretty sure this was a different mouse than the subject of the last post/pictures!

Out skiiing, etc, I am sometimes stopped in my tracks (heh) by the beauty of this spot and the remnants of different lives on this land. We don't know much about the farming history of this land, only what a neighbor told FW- "Some old Norwegian went broke growing potatoes." I wonder who put up these fence posts, and what were they fencing in?


andrea said...

hmm, now might be a good time for me to stop lurking - i stumbled on your site a few weeks ago and i've really enjoyed reading your posts.

also, i struggle with a lot of the same stuff: disclosure, privacy, documenting, sharing, etc. i end up posting a lot of cat pics too ;)

anyhow, hope you keep posting - for a nature-starved angeleno, it's really a treat to read your stuff.

Liz said...

I love all your snow pics, esp the mouse circles. I am feeling horribly deprived this year... there is not a speck to be seen.

Maybe we all struggle with those same issues... what to share and why. Since I rarely leave home, I see it as a way to see and be seen. To keep my mind sharp in the exercise of writing and sharing (selectively). Use it or lose it, in a way.

You should know that I like what you have to share...keep at it if it feels good. And what about part two of the rooster story? ;)

Liz said...

a speck of snow... there's plenty of mouse. ;)