Saturday, January 07, 2006


We've managed to get away briefly, thanks to a competent co-worker who was looking for a place to stay for a while before she moves out of town. She listened intently to the crazy chicken, cat, generator and showblower directions necessary for living at our house, and didn't ask very many questions. We're hopeful!

The weather on the East Coast has not been much better than the weather on the "North Coast", but the scenery (and family to visit) is good variety. I NEED that variety to keep my brain happy, somehow. I'm sure there are some studies out there about the overall benefit of different "stuff" and routines. W (who will be for now known as FW, as someone recently pointed out that it sounded like I was living with the president, SHUDDER) is not yet convinced, but he's having a good time playing Uncle and being a jungle gym with his nieces.

The Patriots game (?) is on the TV behind me, feeling a bit TOO much variety in real world stimulation to think straight. We're here, returning home soon!

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What a fun picture even though it doesn't look sunny. At long last Jen and I awoke to the sun shining on our "bedroom." The overall lack of sun in these parts mean that Jen and I and even Aven have been sleeping most mornings until nearly 9 o'clock! And todays forcast didn't call for sun until the afternoon, but we had sun all day. I hope there will still be some when you return!