Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Awareness Rising?

The chickens are a tough act to follow, but I've been wanting to share these links. Has anyone seen this stuff "out there" on TV, etc? Lacking a TV, we're sometimes out of the public discourse loop.

Watch the Ads here (Environmental Defense, Fight Global Warming)
And here (Video will start- from Blue Man Group).

It's maybe a BIT gloom and doom to get back to the Global Warming topic, but I think these are positive signs. When the local podunk free newspaper (which includes conservative columnists saying women's fashions make us look like "Floozy Swoops" and features bad photos of middle school musicals) runs the front page headline "Global warming signs right here," I suspect the public thought about this is begining to change. The article is actually a very good focus on on some MN naturalists and professors who insist that "We're not activists" but are encouraging people to keep phenology journals and see the changes for themselves.

So, where will we go from here? Will the mainstream just accept the change and move on? Or is it finally time for real change and action among the "majority"?

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