Thursday, March 02, 2006

Leap Day, sort of...

(Entry written yesterday, eaten by Blogger, re-created and finally posted now)

I’ve heard of the plight of people born on Leap Day (Feb 29) but had never really thought much about it until I myself orchestrated an anniversary to happen on that very day. It IS rather odd… the day is simply not HERE!

So how did this happen? Allow me to get a bit more personal…

WF and I have actually not been together very long. We were engaged 2 years ago (today? Yesterday? It’s hard to know). After we had started talking about the “M” word, I happened upon a historical reference to the big Leap Year of 1904. Apparently 1900 was not a leap year, so the young men had forgotten that in a Leap Year, young ladies had special” privileges” that they didn’t normally have. They could (gasp) ask a MAN for his hand in marriage (although a proven has had never been found). Can you IMAGINE??

Both WF and I are interested in history, and I’ve even done some living history based in 1912, where I dress the part and time travel for special events at museums, etc… weird, but actually quite fun. I did some looking around online and found some intriguing things

I’ve never been the most decisive person, but I was very sure about WF. I wanted to show him (and myself) how sure I was that I wanted to marry him. So I decided to go for it! Feb 29, 2004 found us snowshoeing on my favorite beach. I handed him a little booklet I’d made featuring the postcards. He said YES and we shared a snotty winter kiss. He technically also asked me, so we could be even. I wrote up a little blurb for the local paper (they are always looking for cutesy little stories to run on the announcement page). They titled it “Equality in Everything” (probably thinking: crazy women’s libber!) Our families thought it was fun.

So, is this our second anniversary of that event, or are we only half way to the first ?


Liz said...

Now that is about the best engagement story I have ever heard.

Deb said...

Hi Gina! I came over here via your comment on my blog, and realized I'd been here once before and liked it.

Nice story. My parents' actual wedding anniversary was February 29th! I guess they had to make some quick arrangements, and that was the only date that worked out. :)

Anonymous said...

Feb. 29th will be our first anniversary, we only plan on celebrating every four years...something fun and differant. We even got married twice on the same day.