Monday, May 22, 2006


Haste makes waste. Sloth makes... moths!

Ah, hindsight. Why is it that I have the capacity to learn ALLLL about an issue (ad nauseum, WF will tell you), understanding the finer points of prevention and control AFTER the issue impacts our home (thanks, Dr. Google!), yet have an uncanny ability to either be oblivious and/or in denial about the issue BEFORE it becomes a problem needing tons of attention???

(And I’m not talking about a plague of run-on sentences, here, either).

Hmmpf. I suppose that’s a common enough problem, but right now I am KICKING myself about a little, ah, storage problem in the basement. A fluttery, potentially chewy little problem: Moths! Eieeeeeeaaagggghhh!

Sigh... I do believe that Tinea pellionella (see over-learning, above) has decided to pay us a visit. I believe the infestation is (maybe?) confined to some raw wool I was VERY foolishly storing in the cluttered basement room for waaaaay to long. I inherited some not-so-clean raw fleeces unexpectedly last year, and while I fully intended to wash them and learn to spin (in all my free time, ahem), it didn't happen in time. And since I enjoy wearing wool and plan to someday have more yarn, etc in the house, I'm hoping to nip this in the bud (or cuccoon, ha) as soon as possible without poisoning the humans or cats. I am being VERY careful about not letting this spread. I've even found support in the blog world (thanks, Mothheaven!)

One of the best bits of advice I've picked up in my search for less-toxic solutions is the idea of NOT STORING UNUSED woolens, etc. Get rid of them, says the wise extension agent at some state that posted their material online (my eyes are crossing, can't remember which state). Good advice, advice that I am trying to heed-getting rid of all sorts of junk, slowly, carefully (to not spread any eggs, etc). There is MUCH to do in that department, but luckily, these moths have me motivated... no more moth-inducing sloth around here!

And if I get lonely after they're gone, I can always go outside and feed the newly hatched black flies.... Eeeeeek! Swat! Swat! Swat!

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