Friday, May 26, 2006


To the person who got here by googling “learn frolic” and also “how to frolic step-by-step”:

Moths, butchering, global warming!! Wheeee!! Feeling the frolic yet? While I’m a bit concerned that you’ve had to google such a spontaneous thing (wonder if you found anything more instructive out there?), I don’t think you’ve been well served by these recent entries.

I will attempt to increase the frolic factor from now on. Do recall, however, my decidedly archaic usage of the word as a “rural work party, perpetuating community.” There’s certainly been plenty of “raising” work around here lately!!

I also maintain that a front-step garden full off nippy cress, curvy tatsoi and voluptuous radishes on May 25th in northern MN is pretty darn frolicsome! Makes ME want to dance around and celebrate spring and almost-summer, that’s for sure. Now to tackle the other, only recently dried raised beds so I can regale you with later pictures of produce!

Mmmm, cress! And kale! This bed was planted April 8th and has never had a cover, just the warm house to protect it. Crazy, eh?

WF got more earnest about planning the "big" gardens last night, and Schroeder was happy to lend a hand... as, um, a paperweight! Yeah! She's a very fluffy paperweight, prone to excessive shedding.

The hens have been getting a bit of exploration time, and are plotting their next frolic-some activity, to be documented later. Deep in thought on the compost pile:

The hen on the right is the only one who didn't need a saddle during the great over-roostered plague of 2005-2006. She's tough and MEANS BUSINESS. Wonder what she's plotting?


Endment said...

UM your cress and kale look lovely. You are at least two weeks ahead of my garden.

I love the word play...

Deb said...

I have garden envy. I have some spinach that got nipped by frost, and some lettuce that is at least a week out before I can harvest. Your stuff looks great!