Thursday, September 28, 2006

Signs, signs

We're back! I've fallen headlong back into work with a huge writing/editing day, so a sampling of signs will have to suffice for now:

To follow up on the last post, Nebraska Husker mania: (I wonder if anyone is gleeful about the other political implications of these banners?)

Football is taken similarly seriously in rural Iowa. Here, a whole small town got into the creative action with homecoming signs all around town (the home team was playing the Bison, apparently). Others included: "Stamp out the Bison" (on Post Office window) and "Make Change out of the Bison!" (on the bank window)- Heh. But this was our favorite, on a convenience store window, of course.

Speaking of convenience stores/gas stations, does this name strike anyone else as vaguely inappropriate? Ahem.

One rest area in Iowa surprised us by having artwork depicting modern farming practices (biotech mural in the restroom), including a lament about erosion. Reading Wendell Berry aloud in the car made the content more poignant:

And don't worry, WF got away from the giant, hungry rooster. Whew!

A good trip overall, with lots of fine, wholesome rural adventure. It's also good to be back; more later!


Ranger Bob said...

Nice chicken! Large fiberglass roadside animals are cool. I always wanted to do a road trip just to see how many I could find. Wisconsin Dells would be a good place to start.

Prairie Chick said...

Sounds like a good time. I love a road trip, and that chicken would just make the trip for me!

Deb said...

Yes, my perhaps twisted mind always thought "Kum & Go" was a strange name.