Friday, October 13, 2006

Bear-ly Winter

Last night the coop, both chicken-tractors and MY CAR were all thoroughly inspected for edible potential by a large, flat-footed critter. (See super-creative, helpful circling on the best tracks- ha).

The tracks in the snow tell us this: A BEAR standing up, placing his or her big feet on the back/top of my car (!) and elsewhere. One chicken-tractor has a bit of damage, but that might have been the wind (gale warnings last night). Everything’s locked up pretty tight, so no pre-bed snacks for the furry visitor this time.

So I’m wondering: when does this hibernation thing begin??


Liz said...

The first time I ever saw bear tracks in the snow, I said (all indignant): WHO is walking around my property without my permission?! Hm. Yes, well, I guess you don't need "permission" Ms. Bear. Ma'am.

I hope for your (and the chickens) sake, hibernation starts SOON. Good luck!

Deb said...

Wow, I was hoping the whole hibernation thing was happening already! I just yesterday, with much forethought, filled my bird feeder with sunflower seeds, thinking it was way beyond the time when bears would attack it. Was I wrong? We'll see!

Anonymous said...

What I know on the subject isn't much! Hibernation varies from bear to bear, but my bear book says that some Minnesota black bears hibernate for more than 7 months! So I say, he/she had better get on with it in order to be up by a good time next year!

Poor Bill the elder... Cold weather so hard on kitties.

Your chickens (and tomatoes) look so lively! Recently I've been convinced to keep all our remaining chickens (20). They are worth far more to us in egg and manure value than meat. Must do this keeping on the sly and creatively, because we live in town... Good thing these breeds are proving to be very quiet compared to my two old hens, whatever breeds they were -- just like the catalogue said!

Anyway, "hello!" and have a good day...

cyndy said...

oh my! (to the snow and to the bear tracks...) After we had a bear nosing around our hen house and rabbit hutches, we set out the "nail boards" at night. Black Bear are tough to discourage if they are rewarded with a meal- even just once. Hopefully, they will not be back. Oh, and I don't go out without my air horn either!
Stay safe!