Friday, October 27, 2006

Stats Sarcasm

So how do the multitudes of new readers (ha) first find this site? By searching for chickens, gardens, solar power or Minnesota?

No, by searching “flippy hairstyle” on I’m currently #4 on that search. I’m so proud! (????). Maybe a new tagline is needed?

“Raising Frolic: It’s all about the Hair!”


clairesgarden said...

how do find out about that?
hope your hat is keeping you warm today, mu best warming up thing is fluffy slippers, warm feet=warm me!

Deb said...

I get a good laugh from some of the search terms that lead to my blog. But "flippy hairstyle"? That is weird, especially for someone like you. I can't imagine all the time wasted on the Web by people looking for a flippy hairstyle...geez... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wonder!?!

gtr said... : really quite nice! It can get a bit addicting, really, trying to figure out how much traffic one gets, despite the comments or no comments.

And Deb: I DID actually use the phrase "flippy hairstyle" once when describing the end of my braid last weekend. Blogger searches and statcounter are a wierd combo!