Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cold, no Snow

You people said it would warm up soon. When, exactly?!

(Rooster with a touch of frostbite in the back; poor rooster! But it IS indeed warming up and he should heal OK).

It's so odd to see pictures of blizzards or ice storms on other blogs... we're still sitting here nearly snow-less, with just the bone-crushing cold over the past couple weeks. There's been no skiiing at all, and the local (bare) gravel roads have big cracks from dryness. There's white on the ground but not enough to cover all the ruts, etc on our land to allow "back-country" XC skiing.

A far cry from this view in 2005!


Deb said...

I totally can sympathize. I was thinking, "okay maybe we have enough snow that I could do a small loop on my skis." No, it's not worth it.

And, I was all pumped up by the long term forecast, but it was 15 below here last night. WTF?

I'm ready for spring.

P.S. The Hermit and I may (if we can arrange something for the kids) be going to see Teague Alexy at the Red Mug Coffeehouse in Superior next Saturday. No cover charge...I know you want to go...!

-US said...

My rooster (looks just like yours) also had a case of frostbite. Have you tried applying bag balm? It will help keep it from drying out. Its a pain in the a to apply though.

Heres a link to my guys