Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's Cold, I'm Crazy

Note to self:

Next time you decide to go running when it’s 16 below F, remember this: Frostbitten earlobes HURT. Especially if you forget to take out your earrings before going into the wind. Ouch!

(Even though I’ve lived in MN most of my life and been out in colder temperatures than today’s low, this is my first experience with real, lasting frostbite injury. Not something to take lightly, as my ears now know. Wondering how they'll heal... Blisters? Permanant sensitivity to cold? Argh!)


Sue said...

Ouchie! Hope it heals OK. But I've got to say... running at -16F? You're hardcore! (And yes, possibly insane...)

Tracy said...

My previously frostbitten ears responded with increased sensitivity to cold. If that's what happens to you, you'll notice right away because your ears will most definitely hurt. Luckily, I don't really notice it until it's below 0, but I still make sure my ears are covered when I'm out for any length of time.

Good luck -you never know, maybe you didn't do as much harm as you thought.

pablo said...

Maybe you'll need to have your ears trimmed a bit. Or not.

BurdockBoy said...

You went out in this weather without a hat? You are crazy.

we had a cat who got frost biten ears and the very tip of them fell off. To this day shehas sort of square ears. I hope your tips don't fall off.

BurdockBoy said...

Oh, I tagged you for a new type of post if you're game.

gtr said...

Hey, everyone... I certainly DID wear a hat, but I can never find one that quite covers my entire earlobe. So, it was just the edges of my earlobes that got it. They are still red and itch/burn a bit but no blisters yet.

I haven't really tested the sensitivity thing outside yet- I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen- they're sensitive enough indoors. Sigh... A friend who had done this fairly often (skiing, in his case) says I'm doomed for the rest of this winter but maybe by next winter it will be OK?

Silly, silly, silly. A short run, not too far from home. Distracted by a new running partner who is well matched to my pace; we were pushing each other in a good way... but I ignored my ears. Lesson learned!