Tuesday, March 25, 2008

35 at 35

Just in case there was any question about if I am really pregnant, or just HOW pregnant I might be, here's the obligatory belly shot:

GTR at 35 years: Baby at 35 weeks!

Yep, gettin' big. Carrying forward, so looking even MORE impressive ("ready to pop" has already been mentioned). I still feel pretty good, but sleeping is getting harder and some swelling of hands/feet is happening. Just month (probably?) to go, lots to get done at work, of all places. Home is getting more ready; LOTS of baby stuff is now organized in the room, other rooms look more livable, too. Thanks to my parents and brother/sister-in-law for helping last weekend!

Regular posting to resume, sometime..


pablo said...

"baby stuff" and "organized" and "room" really don't belong in the same sentence. Maybe now they do, but in a year . . . I'm just sayin!

cyndy said...

You look terrific! So does the baby!

Don't worry about the lack of sleep, your body is preparing you for the sleep deprivation that is to come...(just kidding!)

It's really nice that you have family to pitch in a lend a hand!

noel said...

Wow, Gina! Since Lindy and I haven't seen you guys in 8 months it just doesn't seem real... ha ha ha, enough of the elaborate hoax, take the basketball out now! ... But seriously, how exciting! You look great!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Gina and Will,

It's Nancy and Andria, we were reminded of your website by Ryan! It is certainly fun to see you (and your baby) are growing. Time has certainly gone fast. Stay healthy and best wishes!