Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hard to Fathom

Things I do not understand:

Why a daycare provider would spend 10 minutes describing her facility in glowing terms to a random caller on the phone (me) and then finally get around to the point that she doesn’t have any openings for months and months, if ever.

Why curtains only come in absurdly long floor lengths, in boring plain colors, while shower curtains come in lovely new cloth and patterns; ????

Why a gigantic “baby superstore” would not carry even ONE type of “modern” cloth diaper. I’m not terribly surprised, but it’s weird.

Why a “motivated seller” would not bother to remove long-dead chickens from the coop and dirty disposable diapers (shredded by some animal) from the yard before the prospective buyers came for a look-see. (We went with friends to look at a different rural property. They are still in love with it, despite that…)

How taking 4 days off work does NOT allow one to entirely catch up on all outstanding projects and other to-do list things. Hmmm...

(Yes, still here, still fine, still pregnant, just busybusybusy as usual! Above list gives an idea of where my brain is at lately. We’ve finished some more good house projects, and there are still some chicken pictures/stories waiting for posting soon if I can find the oomph.)


Rurality said...

I think you just created a new fad... shower curtains at the window! :)

cheesefairy said...

I cautiously recommend internet shopping for cloth diapers...cautiously because it is addictive and there is way too much selection out there (even more for you, as you're in the US - in Canada at least I'm limited somewhat)

Jen said...

When we moved into our house in 1998 I couldn't find any "curtains" I liked, but I did find some beautiful organic cotton shower curtains that were cheaper than any of the "real" ones. They've hung proudly in my house for 10 years and I still haven't found any real ones I like near as well!