Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cleansing Bean

Yeah, yeah...I know. Too negative. I've been chided (off-blog) for not appreciating the good things I have in life, etc. It's true, I suppose, somewhat; I get too easily caught up in the small dramas in front of us, the whining about my not-so-bad situation. But when you're stuck in something, it's hard to get perspective and make needed changes, sometimes. Just venting a bit, and this is MY blog; I do what I want. Have likely scared away most old regular readers, anyway, so.

We'll cleanse with a cute photo of a sunbathing Bean, taken a couple weeks ago by WF while I was at work... ooops, there I go again...

Anyway, been meaning to make it my desktop wallpaper; hope work doesn't mind a little baby nudity!


Anonymous said...

flying naked baby!

hOpE fOrThE cLeAnSiNg


willow said...

Its your blog so you whine if you want to! I read your post yesterday but didn't comment because I couldn't really think of anything to say that would help. Hope things get easier soon.

Todays picture is just brilliant.

cheesefairy said...

Gorgeous photo & Bean.

With all you're dealing with and so many considerations ... baby only 6 months old ... I think you are well within your rights to vent a little. What someone who is feeling low and overwhelmed doesn't need is to be "chided."

Parenthood is overwhelming. Non-life-threatening illness during parenthood is such a hassle. And you're working outside the home too. I am in awe, frankly. When my first baby was 5 months old I was overwhelmed and I was home with him full time, perfectly healthy. I complained a lot too. But I was ever so grateful for all my gifts.

You do what you need to do to get through the day. I hope your thrush flies away soon.

gtr said...

Hey! Thanks, everyone. Feeling better, both about ability to vent and about getting stuff done. Work week is almost done, got some stuff finished, always more to do, but we soldier on...