Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sugar calls

Note to self: when encouraged to bring Halloween treats to work for visiting colleague’s kids, pick something I don’t like or something non edible! These “fun size” snickers won’t stop calling to me through the tightly closed desk drawer! Must find a lock!

Bean’s been waking up more at night lately (and deciding that naps are boring, apparently?!) so the siren calls of sugar and caffeine are sounding rather good…
Actually, the thrush thing seems to be very much better; I got some more potent probiotics and that’s helped a lot. So I’ve given in and eaten a bit of sugar; mmmm. So good, but also makes me MORE tired. Need to remember that!

I will maybe use sugar this weekend, though; we're hosting a chicken, ah, processing day. I think people who are willing to help out with that sort of chore REQUIRE sugar. (If any local readers what to help/learn, let me know...)I'm not looking forward to the day, really, but it will be nice to have some fresh healthy chicken to eat and a few less chickens around for WF to chase. Wish us luck!

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