Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, the other night we dug out the vodka....

Nope, not in celebration or even in misery (not quite, anyway). For cleaning up some stray Gentian Violet, spilled in our second round of yeast-fighting. Sigh... The vodka actually worked quite well (I had it in the house for tincture-making), not sure if i can say that about the GV yet.

I'm better, but it's hard to know much about Bean as he's also TEETHING with a vengence, mostly at night. We've had a few discussions about HOW one uses that first new tooth, and it's NOT on Mama. Ouch! Just one tooth so far, it broke through a couple weeks ago. But there's got to be another on the way; sleep comes in very short shifts right now, with more nighttime upsets than he's ever had before.

But the new tooth is so cute... you can almost see it in this picture:

Awww. But wait! There was food on that spoon! Foul applesauce!

He's not a fan of food just yet... only a bit of cereal seems OK so far.

Yep. We'll keep at it. Lots of Ergo time, too... a favorite napping spot. Mamas need strong backs!

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