Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Baby Safe

We're feeling better now, able to get some projects done! This one required skilled hired help, but still, it's something important off our list, completed.

Our house is wierd. It was built in the 80's by a family who was living in the basement as they built it, as far as we know, and I've always suspected it was designed by someone who didn't usually design houses (sketched on a napkin, perhaps?).

This little piece of oddity had never really bothered me before, until I thought of it in terms of a toddler...

There is 8-foot drop into the entry way from the dining room... divided by a wall that comes up just past my knee. Eeeek. You can see the top of the front door in this picture.

We usually had many plants on the "wall", so it was less noticable. Perhaps it's nice to have all that light, but yikes, what were the builders thinking? Luckily, it occured to me that it definitely wasn't baby-safe before Bean had a chance to show us that himself; he's still not very mobile.

So, this is what we now have! WF was worried it would look a bit like a prison, but it's definitely safer. I think it looks fine...We'll have to relocate plants, etc, but here's to a more kid-safe house!


Deb said...

I think the "prison bars" were definitely in order!

The Bean is looking so grown up lately. What a cutie!

Pablo said...

I think it's an elegant solution to the problem.

What a big boy he's becoming!