Friday, January 30, 2009


Yes, I know. More positive! Gratitude! Joy! Fun! Smile!

I am indeed grateful for a loving care-giver for my son during the day. She is amazing and is willing to wear him on her back for his limited daytime naps. We appreciate that very much. My work schedule is just ramping up, and my Fridays (which used to be quiet home days with naps together, etc) are now spent at work/daycare with the associated heartache of that. And it doesn't help ME to think that he's happier with her, although I should be grateful that he's happy there, etc. I'm OK with him there a couple days a week, but now that I'm working toward full-time schedule (not my choice, only necessary for this job, which I need to keep for financial reasons) it causes me more stress. Need to be grateful for what we have. Am grateful. Mostly.

So, I tend to get a bit dramatic on Fridays. I suppose we'll get more used to it soon enough.

And I really have been reading some good stuff lately about the law of attraction and other positive thinking things. Trying hard to think about things we DO want rather than stuff we don't. Carry on...

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