Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Here

We are indeed still here! Busy busy. Family visit prep and whirlwind. Big work decisions. And now germs. But I hope we're turning a corner!

Some highlights:
Bean helped get laundry, etc done in preparation for the big family visit. Very good at emptying basket and removing items from racks; not so great at putting them ON racks, etc.

He got a great garage-sale push tractor from the T Grandparents... loves it!

He didn't want to leave it, and they helped oblige him on the walk back to the car.

Fun was had with the cousins on the too-quick trip, but unfortunately some germs were setting in with this picture. We had a rough few days after this... fever, sadness, sleeping.

But he's keeping up on the phone messages... gotta stay in touch, you know!

All is well. We venture back into the world tomorrow, I think.


Anonymous said...

Glad Bean is feeling better and that you are back to the blog. We can all hardly wait for the next set of pix with news from Raising Frolic! Soon he can give us a call and tell us himself what is going on! What a big guy!

Grampa and Grama

aleximac said...

hee.. that picture of Bean being carried on his tractor.. VERY funny. He looks bound and determined to stay on the thing.

cyndy said...

Great to see how things are going, er, growing! Looks like life is good :-)

...sorry to hear he was under the weather, but glad that he is on the mend...love that phone pic!