Saturday, October 10, 2009

10-10 = Snow Start

So this was a suprise! I got home late last night to clear and starry weather (was out for a rare night with other moms sans kids; whoo!), and woke up to WHITE! SNOW! EVERYWHERE! Not the normal first snow for the year. A bit early (!!!!) but beautiful nonetheless. It took me a minute to figure out why it looked so strange; green leaves and white ground usually do not mix!

We went out before breakfast for a quick visit; Bean's first snow while walking and more aware!

First tromp through snow; didn't even stop to inspect it first; nothing phases this boy!

Oh, wait! Something's different, mom!

And what are these silly things you managed to sneak onto my hands? I'll take care of that!

Ohhhh... cold! Do not like this!

Oh, well, never mind... I'll just get on with clearing it for you....

The snow is mostly melted by now, but the forecast calls for more this weekend. Yikes. It's been such an odd weather year, but I guess we best embrace the cold. We're pretty well outfitted through fortutitious garages sale, Grandma shopping gifts and wonderful friend hand-me-downs (thanks for the snowsuit, Mary; great timing!). We're ready for more winter now; but maybe some true Fall, first?

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Pablo said...

Sweet! All of my babies are grown and all I have now is a puppy who hasn't experienced snow yet.