Thursday, October 01, 2009

Great Great!

We had a great, short visit from Bean's Great-Great-Aunt (wow!) and her family, all the way from Seattle and California! Bean never got to meet his Great-Grandma; this is her sister, 12 years close as he can come on this plane. Big families mean all sorts of interesting age combinations!

We have many similar ideas about food, etc, and it was fun to share our new, zingy live kraut; Bean definitely impressed them with his zeal for the purple stuff!

In other news, we are still just muddling along, trying to kick some germs (currently colonizing my sinuses) and keep up with the house. No new action, just keepin' up. This is my first week of 3 day work in a while, so hoping that helps us feel a bit caught up. Fall is here; we've had touches of frost. Maybe a garden post (such as it is?) will happen soon...

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