Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flying Catch-Up

Flying in just before it’s been a WHOLE MONTH since we’ve posted… oops! We are still here, still thinking about posts, but they haven’t happened for a few big reasons. All is well; just many, many changes on the horizon. Some news and new things first, and then I’ll throw pictures at you, maybe, to catch up.

1. I am FINISHED with my former “real” job! My last day was Thursday; 5 months after giving notice, it was a sprint to the finish. I wrapped up as much as I could, copied some files, cleaned out my cubicle, turned in my keys and drove away for the last time. After 6 years of pack-rat tendencies and rather varied projects, even just the sorting and cleaning and deleting and recycling was a big deal. But now I’m FREE…to develop new things, to figure out how to finance our lives, to be home more with Bean. It feels good, it will be a new adventure.

2. I started my own business; I’m filed with the state, have a website and business cards, even have a new business credit card for keeping expenses separate. I don’t actually have CLIENTS yet, ahem, but that will come. I have a few things in mind that I’ll hear about soon. It’s a writing/editing/Personal Historian/oral history type service. If you want more details, email me or leave a comment.

3.Last but definitely not least... I’m pregnant! Yep, just over 12 weeks right now. I’ve been queasy a lot, which never happened with Bean, and its felt a bit more uncertain this time. But I think that’s part of a second pregnancy with a toddler to chase… there’s not time to sit and write in a pregnancy journal, etc. Due late July or early August… a summer baby!

So, yeah. That’s where we’ve been. I’m finally feeling a bit better, after recovering from the month-long cold/sinus/early pregnancy exhaustion. I made it through my last work days, and Bean is doing really well; talking up a storm and correctly identifying most colors without prompting (!). He’ll continue to go to his daycare 2 days a week so I can catch up on house projects, rest, and get this business going. Just a few things on the list...We’re busy and grateful. New lands ahead!

Bean is excited about my new "mobile office" briefcase!


Laurie said...

I knew about 1 & 2 from Facebook but 3 made me gasp out loud! Congrats! Yay! And congrats on all the big changes you are making. I went to your business site the other night and it sounds really unique and exciting.

willow said...

Congratulations, what a lot of changes for the new year, Good luck with all of them!

Sue said...

Wow, congratulations!

Deb said...

Congratulations on everything!