Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Kid

We're getting ready for our first airplane trip in over a year, and we were testing out some new shoes and a backpack for Bean (all purchased from Savers, so just new to us). I had a flash of the "going to Kindergarten" picture... eeeep! But doesn't he look SO BIG? He's not even 2 yet. We're going to bring his birth certificate on the plane so we don't get questioned about our "free infant-in-lap". A bit nervous about all the flying, but we're packing lots of good stuff for eating and entertainment.

This picture also shows the current Bean-Schroeder relationship: He loves her, she doesn't let him near her unless she's safe behind a gate. (Can you see her by his head?)

Also, one belated picture of Bean's first snowman! We have been watching the snowman change shape and melt, with just a bit of concern. "Fix 'no-man? 'No-man uh-oh! 'No-man in window..."

Wish us luck... more soon!