Friday, March 12, 2010

We're Back

I'm back! Horray! Anyone else still out there in blogland? We had a good trip, but caught some horrible bugs (sinus, cough, blah) that lingered for a couple weeks. Traveling with a sick toddler while sleep deprived through snowy airports with multiple flight delays was enough to scare me off family air travel for a LONG time. But before he got sick, Bean enjoyed meeting (and charming) some relatives he's never met (and their cat, a big hit)! He wasn't himself by the time we got to Boston for cousin fun, but they still managed to have a few good times together.

I shared vacation photos on facebook and it feels like very old news now, so I'll just update a few shots of Bean acting like a big kid (a common theme)...

He loves to help with chores, and is actually getting quite good at shaking out and hanging up diapers and wipes...

Bean asked to wear this baby on his back, just like his dada does for him.

Coloring is quite popular, and he now knows a few shapes as well as all the colors. we haven't been even trying to teach them, it just happens...amazing, eh?

And yet another crazy mama toy splurge; a vintage (but cleaned and safe) Fisher Price farm set from the 70's/80's, like I had growing up. They have one at ECFE and Bean plays with it every week, so much so that the teachers said "He just really seems like a farm boy!" (not knowing that we actually DO have chickens, etc). So, it was pretty cheap on Ebay (about my second purchase ever) and within a few days, we were reliving my childhood and learning about farms at the same time. Bean loves it, and I'm happy that it doesn't beep and light up and all sorts of questionable things the "modern" version does. He's already figured out that just one door goes "Mooo!"

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Anonymous said...

What a big guy! Can hardly wait to see him again..talking so much and looking soo much older! He'll be a great big brother! Grama T.