Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We're back from the jaunt to see relatives, and enjoyed plenty of sleep and safe driving (not at the same time). It was good to see family. The roads were fine but the sun was absent. The morning of the 25th was warm and sunny, perfect for cleaning off our icy paths, etc (it's all about utility around here) but we dashed into the car and drove up under the clouds. As the radio announcer said this afternoon, it's not likely we'll see sun for the rest of the YEAR.

Ug, not so good for our crazy energy needs. Why, just today I took a shower AND had some lights on, and then vaccuumed. Whew! That little extravaganza was made possible by the generator, whirrring away outside. We do have hot water again, so luxury has returned. It's just a "regular" tank storage unit, but should be more efficient than our last one. Decided that the tankless was just a bit too spendy, especially since we might do a solar water system someday soon. Also, hard water apparently is hard (ha) on the tankless systems, and we are definitely live in a "mineral water" pocket here. Now to decide what sort of floor we should put in upstairs... Marmoleum or Bamboo. Hmm... the big decisions of homeownership. I DO know that oriented strand board is not my top choice of floor coverings, complete with stamped warnings about formeldehyde (see below for sample of OSB).

Not feeling terribly entertaining this evening, so I'll end with some gratuitous cat photos, showing Bill enjoying his new gift and Schroeder looking a bit jealous. She's very sweet, though, and poor old Bill might just get to enjoy this cat bed for a while (Lutsen has taken over all other beds in the house so far...)

But Miss Lutsen is interested in fairness and accuracy in reporting, so one of these days she might just start her OWN blog to tell her story....


Liz said...

OSB = Spam board in our house. :)
I vote for Marmoleum. We used it in our bathroom and that is some nice flooring (if expensive). But bamboo is good, too. Any thoughts on local hard or soft woods?

GTR said...

Yeah, OSB IS like spam! We definitely didn't choose it, but it was hiding under the old icky carpet that we recently tore out (ie subfloor). I'm hoping the formaldehyde finished off-gassing years ago (house built in the 80's...)