Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hard Water

Around here, we can walk on water! Amazing ice over Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, we were all caught without our skates, so had to devise other ways to enjoy the solid lake. An old kneeboard was great fun, for literally the "whole family"! I made myself dizzier that I've been in years by getting that thing spinning. Nearly zero friction-whoohooo!

Of course, the totally smooth ice made pulling a bit hard. My trusty Sorels were not up to the task, but I think they do set off the color of the leaves quite nicely here, no?

It was a nice weekend. Too much food consumed, of course. I did impress myself yesterday by keeping up with the wednesday morning running group for the entire way... Just recently realized that's 6 miles, an incredible distance that my brain should not really know about while trying to keep up the pace at 6:30 am.

Hard to believe it's December already, and the holiday events are coming up. Likely not much decorating at our house. But if I ask nicely, Bill the Cat may agree to help me with the wrapping again this year. It can be just so... exhausting! (especially if you don't have opposable thumbs).

Happy December!

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W of RaisingFrolicHousehold said...

Bill the cat should wear sorels