Wednesday, February 22, 2006


There's STILL no camera charger (darn that household black hole), so I've been browsing through my memory stick for something timely. NEED PICTURES. Can't always be forcing depressing text. Or so says my blog self-editor. Most of the very recent photos are on the home computer (where I am not), so this is a retrospective to the GREEN part of the year. Remember that time?

Why we did NOT have 30 lbs of beets this year, ala Liz.

The salvaged remnants were delicious, and the greens (mmmm, greens) were really great. There's something in our not-very-well-fertilized historic garden plot's soil that beets love. But of course, there's something ELSE in that garden plot (something that somehow evaded Miss Lutsen's best mousing efforts) that also loves beets. We left these big beautiful Chioggas in the garden just a bit too long into the fall, hoping they'd dry a bit and harden off well for root cellar/sawdust storage. Out of that entire effort, I got about 5 that were perfect enough to store (any hole in the skin leads to weird dessication in the sawdust). If you look close, you can see the actual teeth marks!

Live and learn. I'm happy to say that the carrots were safer from the little chewers (if not the slugs, ug). We stored enough in sawdust that we are STILL eating them this week. Can't complain about the carrots- good stuff.

Some other good stuff that wasn't bothered by much except wandering chickens was TATSOI. Mmmm. A very pretty green bouquet. I harvested this one in early November, I think. I definitely plan to get some started as soon as the soil thaws. Again, let's all remember: GREEN! It will come again! Getting excited for the upcoming seed order. Fedco, here I come!

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Liz said...

Yes. Well. No one should have 30 pounds of beets. It's just not right. ;)