Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Greener Grass

Somehow, the grass is always greener.... And so are the weeds! Eieeeee! It was a beautiful long weekend for me here around the Frolic farm, but I'll admit to spending some of it longing for my comfy cubicle and keyboard (gasp!).

Wanna see my weekend nemesis? The full horror might not come through on a teeny blog photo, but brace yourselves:

I can't believe I just showed the whole internet that view. The ordered, weed-free-German-gardening genes in my body are screaming out "NOOOOOO!" The combo of early heat and then tons of rain made the weeds unstoppable this year. This bed was well-tended last year, and even weeded some earlier this spring-(but no green manure or heavy mulching, dur). I spent much of the weekend hacking away at this garden (after HAND PICKING the stupid seedheads off those 'lions). I was going to take an "after" picture, but ran out of steam. I am a huge believer in mulching, but guess we didn't do another layer last fall. Learned my lesson this year!

I got revenge on the dandelions, though (or really, a partnership?). Some of their impressive roots are going to be soaked in vodka and made into a tincture. I think I impressed them a bit too much with their usefulness, so the population on the lawn is doing their best to grow REALLY tall and offer as many seeds as possible. I don't mind dandelions and even eat them sometimes, but this year's long, snakey seedhead performance is wierd.

The weekend did have a touch of entertainment, with a book group hosted. Here's Alexis enjoying some of the food- (Hi Alexis, loyal local reader!) The oddly-shaped item in the foreground is my first attempt spinach-rice pie from the new "Vegetable Heaven" cookbook by Mollie Katzen. Good, but really more of a winter dish. It just looked intriguing!

Overall, a good, productive weekend. But why don't I feel more "ahead" in all my tasks? I thought taking off work was the key to getting caught up, and now I'm not so sure... Any ideas on how to make 36 hour days??

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clairesgarden said...

I think you have to relax! and think of all the lovely compost you will be able to make with thise weeds.