Friday, June 02, 2006

Tiny Critters

It's the hottest nectar joint around! The patrons are the ultimate lightweights, but that doesn’t stop them from getting a little aggressive about the refreshments! One even buzzed the proprietor, who was glad she wears glasses as protection from pointy beaks. It’s also a great place to pick up (or buzz) some "chicks"!

Ha. I think there was some intense competition for the nectar, either that or some heavy duty courtship going on- there was actual impact between birds a couple times. I could only confirm one male and at least two females among the four that were frequenting the feeder. One hung out for a long time on the feeder afterwards, looking exhausted.

He (?) flew away after a while, so no permanent damage, I guess. I’m keeping the feeder cleaned and filled, or there will some angry patrons to contend with… maybe I need to expand the joint?

Other, not-so-welcome tiny critters have also been making their presence known. Blackflies and mosquitoes are out with a vengence (we have both standing and moving water on this rather wet piece of land) and my body reacts with an equal vengence to the bites. I'm still nursing along black-fly bites that are nearly two weeks old- sheesh. I've heard you can build up immunity to bites after a while- WF seems to be much more immune than I am.

I managed to spend about 25 minutes in the woods last weekend (rest of the weekend was chores, chores and yet more chores) and came back with exactly 17 ticks, all intently trying to burst through the seams of my clothes, etc. All woodticks, though, thankfully.

We also have some "robust" black ants wandering aimlessly (with particular interest in the honey jar) in a couple rooms of the house. I can't figure out where they are coming in- there's not much focal point. My patience is wearing a bit thin- they got waaaay to close to the potluck food yesterday. Perhaps some non-toxic but very sharp Diatomaceous Earth for them? I have a good supply now, from the moth incident.

But at least ants don't eat sweaters, suck blood OR buzz around with pointy beaks!

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Liz said...

Great action shots!

Minnesota is sounding more and more like Maine by the day... hummers, blackflies and ticks (oh my!). Even the ants... we have carpenter ants looking for new places to excavate. They're HUGE and ugly. *shudder*

I have heard about the blackfly-immunity thing, and I think after four years it's finally kicking in. My bites don't seem quite so itchy or long-lasting. Hoping the same for you!