Friday, June 16, 2006

Still Here- Where?

Hmmm. I seem to have lost my blog voice for a while, there... wondering what to post, and finding myself at some different "sites", ones with water and trees and bugs and NO computers, and other people there to enjoy and share it with.

It was really refreshing, something I need to do more. Can you believe I've actually worn RUTS into my work computer keyboard? Really- plus worn spots on the mouse where my fingers fall. But yet I haven't bought new hiking boots, etc in years... So what does THAT say about my computer/outdoor ratios? And I need to remember my terrestrial community here, people I can share dinner with or head out on a hike with on short notice. I know the blog world can be a community, but if not many people read this, why bother? I dunno- writing practice, I suppose. I guess I'm in a rut- ha.

OK, lunch-hour existential blog angst time over: On to the goods!

We had a brief but eventful visit from my old friend Byron and his girlfriend Theresa, whom I'd never met before. They were a delight! Byron is a very studious and curious person with a healthy sense of adventure, and that inspired WF and I to get OUT and enjoy some more of our surroundings beyond the garden and coop. Byron made a wild guess that people who live in MN and own canoes might know some quick, nice local canoe spots (what is he, crazy?!?!). My embarrassment over that lack of knowledge (shh, we go to the BWCA every year!) led to some good research and map perusal.

WF found a great small local lake where we paddled around for a couple hours. We stuck to the reeds and saw great blue herons, a loon on a nest (we got away fast!), red wing blackbirds, a muskrat and lots of cool plants including blue flag irises. Byron and Theresa added an extra level of appreciation, as their Kansas flora and fauna is quite different.

My crazy old kayak felt the water for the first time in years (again, ahem) and it felt GOOD. I'd show you a picture, but Blogger is being completely uncooperative at the moment. One picture per post? Grrrr.

More later if it works...


clairesgarden said...

probably theres more people reading than you think, but just not saying hi when they visit. glad you got your kayak out and had a good time with it.

Liz said...

I'm still here, balancing between my real and virtual worlds. :)

I'm ashamed to say that my kayak only saw the water twice last year. Definitely need to rectify that.