Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cat Comments

Thanks again, everyone, for your thoughts on Bill the cat’s passing. I am surprised at how much I do indeed miss him; he had a certain way of really appreciating a good head-pat or chin scratch that the other two cats just don’t have. Eyes closed, head up, purr….

But fluffy Schroeder seems a bit more cuddly, meowing often to be picked up. Bill was present in the house when she was born, and he was here every moment of her whole life. It’s hard to know if she misses him, but maybe…

It’s times like this when I’m glad to have a blog; some place to post pictures of Bill-cat, a place to post thoughts…. The second anniversary of the blog passed unnoticed in November, so I know I’m beating the odds of most blog longevity!

I do sometimes feel I spend too much time aimlessly online, but it IS satisfying to have a venue to post material. It’s definitely nice to have response from the outside world. I am not great at responding to comments, etc, but I do really appreciate them!

Wanting to do a house post, now… two posts in one day. Coming right up…

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