Thursday, December 20, 2007

Room Progress

This is also a place to post some accomplishments!

(a clean if ugly slate)

The small room of big clutter, the previous “office/library” that became storage space and is designated to someday become the baby’s room…is NOW CLEAR! Completely empty. No carpet, nothing. Whew. The Marmoleum flooring installers are there now, working fast (I hope) to get the job done by tomorrow for the 4 upstairs rooms. It feels really good to be at this next step.

Of course, the living room now looks like this:

Eeek! The upheaval isn’t ideal right now (no holiday decorating/baking or even working on cards has happened this year) but we’re moving forward.

It’s probably a better time than the original install date in January in regards to my belly. I’m not feeling TOO big yet, but this belly (and baby) is definitely growing! I feel pretty good, but know I only have about 5 weeks left before the third trimester, when supposedly this new energy level drops again.

After the holidays, with new (non-toxic) flooring and ideally new (low VOC) paint, I’ll be able to focus on getting the room (and the rest of the house) ready for the new resident. Baby-to-be already has some things that need a home, and having a physical place for them in our house will help me get my mental space more ready.

I’m hoping it will be fun, rather than the usual stress that accompanies most “house” dealings for me. This house overwhelms me, sometimes, and it feels really good to be getting through some of the long-standing challenges (like flooring and clutter). Whew!


willow said...

It sounds as if you are definitely in the "nesting" stage of pregnancy, I remember wanting to get everything ready.
I hope you are pleased with your new floors, I replaced our kitchen floor with Marmoleum and it really is brilliant stuff and eco-friendly too.

Deb said...

Congrats on your house progress. I'll have to do some research on Marmoleum...still looking for alternatives for the new house, which I desperately want to be in to!

Jen and Melissa said...

We look forward to seeing the new floor and helping with the moving process. Or at least just enjoying the new floor.