Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Floor Story

So, the big Marmoleum flooring project is just about over (thankgoodness) and we are pleased with the results. No more OSB or holey 25 yr old vinyl as a flooring material; whoo! That alone is exciting, but I do like the color and feel of this stuff, and there's NO smell of toxic vinyl, etc. It's long-wearing, but we've already managed to ding it while moving furniture back into place. Ah, well... at least the color goes all the way through, so it's not that noticeable. At the cost for this stuff (not cheap) we will not be replacing it any time soon (whew)!

A couple gratuitous flooring views (as clean as you'll ever see these rooms!):

Dining Room

(can you see why I didn't want to go with wood floors? We didn't install the wood walls; they are nice if a bit dark).

Things are slowing getting back to normal, with installation of the stove today so we (WF) can cook. Still a few things to reinstall, but our friend Lutsen is willing to help, so we're getting there:

We also had exciting critter news today: can you see this winter's first offering, hidden here in the hay? WF thinks it's from an older hen, who has finally finished molting. We haven't had any eggs for the past couple months, so it's exciting to see this happening again. Horray for projects proceeding!

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cyndy said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

HA! We just started to get eggs from our older hens who are coming down off the moult! I get 2 eggs a day now...out of 5 hens!